Step One

Start with the Basics

When searching for child care it’s best to begin by identifying your child’s needs as well as your family’s needs. Begin by asking yourself a few questions.

Think about your child’s needs

  • What is the temperament of my child?
  • What kind of environment will help my child thrive?
  • If you have a schoolage child, what are her/his interests?
  • Does my child have any special needs that should be considered?

Now, focus on your family’s needs

  • How much care do I need? What days and hours?
  • Does location of care play a key role in our decision? Do I want a child care facility close to my home or close to my work?
  • What are our family’s budget considerations for care?  Use this budgeting tool to examine how child care will impact your monthly budget.
  • For more information about child care in your county, check out these county-specific child care fact sheets.

  • What types of financial resources may be available to help our family afford child care?


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